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Can Taking a Lactation Supplement Cause an Oversupply?

Can Taking a Lactation Supplement Cause an Oversupply?

Jun 25, 2019

Can You Have Too Much Breast Milk?

While most moms worry about not having enough milk, it is possible to have too much. Luckily, an oversupply of milk is not caused by a mother’s diet or supplementation.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s a learned skill. Especially at the beginning, it’s normal to worry about if you have enough milk or what could be causing your baby’s fussiness. If your baby is fussy at the breast, you’ve probably read about having an oversupply or a forceful let down which can be hard for a baby to handle.


How to establish your milk supply as a mom - Majka


How Do You Know If You Have an Oversupply of Milk?

  • Your baby gains 2lb a month or more (this is considered too much, too quickly).
  • Fussy at the breast, especially when the let down occurs. Your baby may cough, arch away from the breast or cry as the milk comes more quickly than they can handle.
  • Your baby may seem hungry all the time or have short, frequent feedings. This is because they are getting more of the carbohydrate-rich foremilk, rather than the satiating hindmilk that’s higher in fat (the longer a baby nurses the higher fat content is in the milk).
  • Your baby may make a clicking sound or clamp down on the breast to deal with the flow.

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What Causes an Oversupply of Breast Milk?

  • High levels of hormones postpartum can trigger the milk supply to increase beyond the baby’s needs.
  • An inefficient latch which leads the baby to spend more time at the breast.

What Can You Do about an Oversupply?

  • Choose nursing positions that have your baby working against gravity such as positioning the baby sitting up and facing mom to nurse, a cradle hold with mom reclined or side lying which can allow baby to dribble out extra milk.
  • "Block feeding" by using only one breast for all feedings within a certain time frame (usually 2-3 hours).

Taking supplements to increase milk quality will not necessarily increase milk quantity.

Overall, it’s a combination of your baby and your body that determine how much milk will be made. In all honesty, all of the factors that contribute to the amount of milk you make is still unknown. Your supply is considered established between 8-12 weeks postpartum, so if you are dealing with oversupply it can even out over time. There are certain periods where it will seem like your baby wants to eat all the time - they are simply stimulating your body to produce more to get through a growth spurt!


Majka Milk Supplement for Breastfeeding Moms - Majka


How Do Supplements Impact Your Milk Supply?

Using a lactation supplement can increase the nutrient density of your milk! Rather than increasing the quantity when you have enough milk, Majka Nourishing Lactation products increase the quality by providing you the nutrients you need. If you do have a low supply, they can help increase your milk supply, but only when it’s needed. Your body is wise and the vast majority of the time will only respond to helpful herbs and foods in a way that is beneficial to both mom and baby.

Your diet does affect the nutritional value of your milk and improving milk quality is the goal of taking certain lactation supplements (like the lactation booster!). As a modern mother, it can be nearly impossible to eat everything you’d need to in order to get the helpful herbs, minerals, and nutrients that can help your milk be the most nutrient dense possible. Taking a lactation supplement can help ease your mind and take the pressure off of worrying about your milk. The nice part is Majka products also support YOU, the mom, by being convenient and tasty sources of nutrition to fuel your days (and nights!)

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Lactation supplements can provide many benefits for your baby while supporting you in maintaining the perfect supply.

For more breastfeeding tips, be sure to follow us @lovemajka #lovemajka #fuelingmotherhood




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