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What makes Majka Hair Recovery different from other hair products?

Majka Hair Recovery addresses the common reasons why hair loss happens--HPA axis dysfunction (most commonly referred to as ‘adrenal fatigue’), nutrient deficiencies/depletion, lack of blood circulation to the hair follicles and too much DHT in the body. 

This formula contains adaptogens, blood circulators, and bioactive nutrients to help address vitamin deficiencies, postpartum fatigue and contains a DHT blocker-- DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a potent and troublesome form of the male hormone testosterone. When DHT is released into the hair follicle, it sends a signal to stop hair growth. 

Researchers believe that decreasing the formation of DHT will in time restore the growth of normal healthy hair. Herbal extracts such as Saw Palmetto and Green Tea; the B vitamins Biotin and Niacinamide; the mineral Zinc, are able to simultaneously improve hair health and block DHT without risk of side effects.

The real key to healthy skin, beautiful hair, and strong nails is building them from the inside out through good nutrition and key dietary supplements. This formula includes Verasol, a special bioavailable and highly purified form of collagen peptides that influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside. It helps increase  the skin moisture and delays the formation of wrinkles and supports healthy nails and hair.

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