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Majka Nourishing Lactation Support Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Majka ambassador. At Majka, we take pride in providing moms with effective, wholesome, well researched products they can trust – and who better to share that brand than by trusted friends, family & colleagues?

What is a Majka ambassador?

A Majka ambassador is a representative who shares our passion, brand mission and values. By sharing a unique link/code, our ambassadors receive commission through our affiliate network. Our ambassadors earn a profit, while helping the Majka brand grow to its full potential.   

What would I do?

Share your unique link/code with your community & introduce our brand to new audiences.

What would I get?

  • Receive a commission on sales through our affiliate network
  • Receive products & swag
  • Receive samples and exclusive early access to new products
  • Connect with other Majka ambassadors through our community network
  • Many other perks

What do we look for in an ambassador?

Our ambassadors embody our mission to empower moms and the women around us to take care of themselves first so they can better care for the people they love.We are looking for people that are just as passionate as we are about supporting moms in their postpartum journey, we want our ambassadors to help us make a difference.  Are you an information resource or a trusted advisor for new moms? Do you have a highly engaged and attentive audience or are you simply the go-to trendsetter within your personal network? If so, you could make a great Majka ambassador.

How do I become an ambassador?

We are looking for people who are as passionate as we are about helping new moms feel their best. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!




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