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Designed to help increase and enrich your milk supply while also helping you replete your nutrient stores after pregnancy.* FAQ's


"The Nourishing Lactation Powder gives me energy, boosts my supply, hydrates me and nourishes me!"

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Majka’s Chocolate Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder, is an all-in-one, COMPLETE postnatal vitamin, protein powder, and lactation supplement. Designed with breastfeeding moms in mind to** help increase and enrich your milk supply** while also helping you replete your nutrient stores after pregnancy.*

An ultra-nourishing blend of:

  • Bioavailable vitamins & minerals (complete postnatal vitamin)
  • Vegan protein
  • Greens and phytonutrients
  • Galactagogue herbs to support your supply
  • Digestive enzymes and probiotics for enhanced nutrtient absorption

Our Nourishing Lactation Powder will help you fight postnatal depletion, get the energy you need, and help you produce the most nutritious milk for your baby!

Add it to your daily smoothie and join the 1000’s of mamas that love it!

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For best results and best flavor, add 2 scoops of the Chocolate Nourishing Lactation Powder to your favorite smoothie or visit our blog for other ways to incorporate it in your breastfeeding diet recipes.

*Start with the foundation of eating right and hydrating well, then add Majka Nourishing Lactation Powder to support your milk supply and overall well being.

Majka Nourishing Lactation Products are not intended as a replacement for lactation and postnatal support. Please discuss the use of this product and any lactation supplements with your lactation consultant or healthcare provider.*


At Majka the quality of our products is our top priority, our Nourishing Lactation Powder is free of unnecessary fillers, added sugar, and gums found in many other protein powders in the market.

We source only best in class ingredients – highest quality and bioactive for maximum absorption. All ingredients are tested for identification, purity, heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological safety and other contaminants.

Over 50+ highly curated ingredients!

Bioavailable Multivitamin and Mineral Blend: Beta Carotene (6000iu), Vitamin C (Organic Acerola fruit extract), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 2000iu, Vitamin E (D- Alpha tocopheryl) Vegan, Non-Soy, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCl) Vegan, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin 5 Sodium Phosphate), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate Monohydrate), Folate (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Biotin (Vegan), Calcium D-Pantothenate, Choline L-Bitartrate, Calcium (Citrate), Iodine (Organic Kelp), Magnesium (Citrate), Zinc (AAC), Selenium (AAC), Copper (AAC), Manganese (AAC), Chromium (Nicotinate Glycinate), Silica

Majka Lactation Blend: Organic Flax Seed, Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Caraway Seed, Organic Clove, Organic Shatavari Root Powder, Organic Sweet Potato Root Powder

Majka Vegan Protein Blend: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Chia Seed

Majka Greens Blend: Organic Spianch, Organic Broccoli stem and floret, Organic Broccoli sprout sprouted seed, Organic Tomato, Organic Carrot root, Organic Collards leaf.

Majka Polyphenol Blend: Organic Apple, Organic Stawberry, Organic Bluberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Sour Cherry, Organic European elderberry, Organic Cranberry.

Majka Enzyme and Probiotic Blend: Amylase, Cellulase, Protease I, II,III, Papain, Hemicellulase, Bromelain, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus sporogenes.

Chocolate Flavor: Organic Chocolate Flavor, Organic non-alkalized Cocoa, Organic Ceylon cinnamon bark powder, Organic Luo Han Guo Fruit powder.

Supplement Facts

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90% of participants felt more energetic
75% of participants increased their milk supply
Key Ingredients
Active Forms of B Vitamins
Vegan Protein Blend
Selenium and Iodine
Polyphenol and green blend
Digestive Enzyme
Majka Lactation Blend
Active Forms of B Vitamins
Active Forms of B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for a mama’s healthy neurological function and energy production.

Vegan Protein Blend
Vegan Protein Blend

A complete vegan protein derived from 3 organic and nutrient-dense plant sources, added to support increased protein demands for postpartum healing and breast milk production. Also regulates appetite. We add digestive enzymes to help break down the plant protein which helps reduce bloating and maximize nutrient absorption.


A B vitamin added for its perceived benefits for infant brain development, specifically in memory and learning functions—supports brain function in mamas too!

Selenium and Iodine
Selenium and Iodine

Both are known to support healthy thyroid levels in mama.

Polyphenol and green blend
Polyphenol and green blend

To fight oxidative stress and inflammation.

Digestive Enzyme
Digestive Enzyme

Known to reduce bloat and increase nutrient absorption.

Majka Lactation Blend
Majka Lactation Blend

Specific ingredients that not only help support lactation, but also support overall optimal health. The ingredients in this blend have well-researched antioxidant properties, which is important in reducing inflammation.

Expert Talks

Majka's Lactation Bites are not only packed with clean ingredients, but I quickly noticed an increase in my milk supply soon after incorporating the products into my morning routine. I recommend Majka to all new moms to fuel postpartum period and beyond.
Paula Mallis - Founder of WMN Space
It is so great to see a well formulated lactation supplement that really focuses on the wellbeing of the mother and helps address many of the depleting factors of motherhood. Simple, safe, and effective
Dr. Oscar Serrallach


What's the difference between the Nourishing Lactation Powder and Lactation Booster?

The Lactation Booster is an 11 ingredient lactation supplement focused on increasing milk supply and inflammation support. The Nourishing Lactation Powder is a 55+ ingredient supplement and nutritional meal that includes a complete postnatal vitamin, organic vegan protein, organic fruit & greens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to target nutritional deficiences and milk supply.

Does Majka Nourishing Lactation Powder contain fenugreek?

All of our products are fenugreek free, with the exception to our Lactation Bites, which contain a very small amount of Fenugreek; We chose to include fenugreek based on research that shows it to be beneficial for moms and effective to boost milk supply.

Should I take my pre/postnatal if I take the Nourishing Lactation Powder?

No. We created this formula to provide you with all of your daily postnatal nutritional needs in addition to 25% of your daily protein needs, a serving of vegetables and polyphenols, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, and our Majka Lactation Blend to help promote healthy milk supply and inflammation support. Taking both might lead to going over your daily recommended intake. We recommend consulting with your doctor about choosing one or the other or choosing to alternate, depending on how your body feels.

What should I expect to feel?

We know as a new mom it's almost impossible to spend hours in the kitchen. We believe that proper nutrition not only helps you feel energized, but also nourishes your body, keeps you full for longer and many more benefits of our Nourishing Lactation Powder like:

Improved and nourished milk supply; our Majka Lactation blend is formulated the best galactagogues that are known to not just known for increasing milk supply but also improving the quality off the milk.  

Energy; we did an internal study of over 150 new moms that were exclusively using our products and 97% of the moms reported increase in their energy and moods!!

 Improved digestion; We added Bio-live ingredients that help with digestion. Not only do we have digestive enzymes, but we have probiotics and pre-existing prebiotics from our fruits and vegetables.

Sugar Cravings;They can be helpful for sugar cravings as well. Also, making a fuelling and filling recipe out of the Nourishing Lactation Powder can help you stay full for a longer, and you are also more inclined to make healthier choices throughout your day.

Can I use Majka Nourishing Lactation Powder while I'm pregnant?

We recommend that you consult with your doctor when taking a supplement while pregnant. The vitamins and minerals in this product are considered safe for pregnant women. You will notice many similarities when comparing with a quality prenatal vitamin. The most important thing to note here is that because the shake is a very inclusive nutrient support, taking the shake in addition to a prenatal will result in exceeding the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for many nutrients. This means you may end up consuming an excess of one nutrient or another, which may have adverse health outcomes for you or your baby.

How will the Nourishing Lactation Powder benefit me if I don't need to increase my supply?

Our Nourishing Lactation Powder was formulated to fulfill your daily nutritional needs including; increased energy, inflammation support , 25% of your recommended daily intake of protein, Bioavailable vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed, and vegetables and Polyphenol blends that act as antioxidants. It also has pre and probiotics specially designed to promote gut health and digestive enzymes for nutrient absorption. This complete formula helps with postpartum healing, fighting postnatal depletion (suffered by more than 50% od new moms), and nourishing your body during this crucial period.

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