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4 Majka Mama Obsessed Lactation Booster Recipes

4 Majka Mama Obsessed Lactation Booster Recipes

Oct 06, 2020

They're here, mama! The Top 4 Lactation Booster Recipes that Majka Mamas are absolutely OBSESSED with! Each recipe is packed with nutritious, whole food ingredients that will help keep your milk supply up and your babies happy and healthy!

Not to mention, who doesn't love a great variety come midnight snack time?


Mango Mama Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Treat yourself with this mango and banana smoothie bowl that’s as sweet as ice cream and tastes absolutely refreshing. It’s made with our Majka Vanilla Chai Lactation Booster, so it’s just as nutrient-dense and beneficial for the body as it is delicious!

Sneaking this powerful ingredient into the recipe means you’re receiving a robust serving of lactation-producing galactagogues and adaptogens that work to reduce inflammation (bye-bye, swollen breast tissue!), balance your hormones, boost your immune function, and help you feel your best. And, not only do these nutrients support the quantity of your breast milk, they also increase the quality.


Can a regular smoothie bowl do that? We don’t think so.

Feel the difference with this lactation boosting smoothie bowl!



  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • ½ cup frozen mango 
  • 1/2 -inch fresh ginger
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoons hemp seeds
  • 2 scoops collagen peptides or silica (vegan)
  • 1 scoop Majka Vanilla Chai Lactation Booster

For Toppings (optional)

  • ¼ small banana
  • 2 tablespoon toasted coconut flakes
  • 2 tablespoons frozen mango


  1. Place everything in the blender starting with the coconut milk. This helps the smoothie blend more easily.
  2. Place the smoothie in a bowl and garnish with toppings of choice (if desired).

Nutrition Facts:

  • Total: 1 bowl
  • Per bowl (without toppings): 377 kcal, 14g fat, 42g carbs, 9g fiber, 24g sugar, 26g protein


Add a bit of sunshine to your day with this tropical mango and banana smoothie bowl. Since it only takes a few minutes to prepare, it can fit into even the busiest of schedules. And, getting your daily serving of Lactation Booster will help you feel fueled, energized, and ready to tackle the day of “mom-ing” that lies ahead!


Majka Grain-Free Granola Recipe

All granola is not created equal, especially when this Grain-Free Granola recipe exists! It’s crunchy, sweet, and perfect for snacking. It includes all essential macros, so it will help you stay fuller longer. That’s crucial for mamas that are busy wrangling little ones all day.

This granola features our Lactation Booster, which is a certified organic supplement perfect for moms looking to boost their supply. It is filled with galactagogues and other powerhouse ingredients, so in addition to nourishing our milk, it’s also great for inflammation, clogged ducts, and even stress levels. It helps provide that extra pep in your step (and your milk supply) that can truly make all the difference!


Whip together a batch of this easy Grain-Free Granola and enjoy it atop smoothies and yogurt, or eat in a bowl with blueberries on top.

Let’s get started!



  • 2 cups raw nuts (cashews, almond, pecans, pistachios, etc. )
  • 1 cup seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, etc.)
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 3 scoops Majka Lactation Booster
  • ¼ cup ground flax
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ⅓ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup maple syrup


  1. Preheat your oven to 325F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Place the nuts and seeds in a large mixing bowl and add the flaxseed, coconut flakes, Majka Lactation Booster, and salt. Stir to combine. Pour the melted coconut oil and maple syrup over the dry mixture. Stir well till all the mixture is evenly coated.
  3. Spread the granola in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet. Place in the oven for 20 minutes, rotating the tray halfway through. 
  4. Allow granola to cool for about 25-30 minutes before breaking into clusters. Once completely cooled, store in an airtight container for up to 1 month.


  • Total: 14-16 servings
  • Per serving: 244 kcal, 20g fat, 10g carbs, 6g protein, 6g sugar, 3g fiber



Majka Spinach Blender Pancakes Recipe

There’s nothing quite like indulging in a plate of fluffy, freshly made pancakes. Those feelings of comfort and delight are even stronger when you know that your pancakes are fueling your body and giving you all of the vitamins and minerals that a breastfeeding mother needs!

Majka Green Pancakes are made with our Vanilla Chai Lactation Booster, which means that each and every bite is providing you with galactagogues and adaptogens that will not just help boost your milk supply but support your overall well being. Each serving contains milk thistle, ashwagandha, shatavari, and turmeric!


Together, the ingredients work to support lactation, help reduce inflammation, boost your energy, and make you feel good.

The next time you wake up in the mood for something sweet, give these pancakes a try. You’ll be amazed at how delicious they taste, and how great they make you feel!

Let’s get down to business!



  • 2 cup gluten-free rolled oats
  • 1 cup packed fresh spinach
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 small ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 scoop Majka Vanilla Chai Lactation Booster


  1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and let run until smooth; about 20-30 seconds. 
  2. Heat non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Lightly coat with coconut oil to grease the pan.
  3. Use 1/4 cup to scoop the batter onto the hot skillet. Let each pancake cook until you start to see bubbles; about 3-4 minutes each side. If you find your pancakes are browning too quickly you may need to lower the heat. Repeat this process with the rest of the batter.
  4. Serve plain or topped with your favorite toppings (nut butter, berries, banana slices, maple syrup, etc.)

Nutrition Facts:

  • Total: 10 pancakes
  • Per pancake: 92 kcal, 2g fat, 15g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugar, 4g protein
  • Per serving (3 pancakes): 276 kcal, 6g fat, 45g carbs, 6g fiber, 6g sugar, 12g protein


Why take a pocketful of lactation supplements when you can get all of the nutrients you need, and in the form of pancakes to boot?


Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Regular banana bread doesn’t have superpowers, but ours does.

Sneak a bit of indulgence into your day by baking and enjoying a delicious slice of Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. It’s a treat that provides comforting, delicious flavors, especially when eaten fresh out of the oven! Plus, it’s jam packed with nutrients to support your fourth trimester mind, body, and soul. How can you say no?

Included in this recipe is our Majka Lactation Booster, which takes this banana bread to the next level. By including this ingredient, you’re providing your body with galactagogues, adaptogens, and powerful nutrients in each and every bite. These ingredients (such as milk thistle, turmeric, and caraway) help to enrich and increase milk supply, fight inflammation, calm your cognitive and digestive system, and more. So go ahead mama, have a second slice!


We make our recipes as easy as possible to create. After all, mamas are busy enough as it is! This one only requires mixing ingredients, which is a huge bonus when you have a baby at home. After mixing, let the batter bake for just under an hour, and you’ll have perfectly fluffy banana bread right at your fingertips.

Let’s make this bread!


  • 1 ¾ cup oat flour
  • ½ cup almond flour
  • ⅓ cup ground flax
  • 3 scoops Majka Lactation Booster
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup mashed banana
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup maple syrup
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup toasted coconut flakes


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. Line a 8x4 loaf pan with parchment paper or coat lightly with coconut oil. 
  2. In a large bowl combine the oat flour, almond flour, ground flax, Majka Lactation Booster, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, combine the mashed banana, eggs, maple syrup, and almond milk. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix until just combined. Careful not to over mix. Fold in ¼ cup of chocolate chips.
  3. Pour the batter into the prepared loaf pan. Top with the remaining chocolate chips and toasted coconut flakes. Place in the oven for 50-55 minutes. The banana bread is done when a toothpick comes out clean. A few crumbs is okay. Let cool for 10 minutes before removing from the loaf pan and placing on a cooling rack to cool completely before slicing.
  4. Store in an airtight container for up to 5 days or in the freezer for 3 months.
  5. *to toast coconut, place unsweetened coconut flakes in a small skillet. Heat over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes stirring frequently. Keep a close eye on the coconut as they can burn quickly. 


  • Total servings: 10
  • Per 1 slice: 280 kcal, 9.5g fat, 38g carbs, 4g protein, 14g sugar, 3g fiber



Hungry for more? Check out our Top 4 Recipes for the Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder and our most Pinterest-worthy Lactation Bites Recipes! And if you're looking for more ways to increase milk supply, look into our extensive page on that here.


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Jessica Bippen, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition Therapy. She helps new mama's shift their mindset to view self-care as not selfish but an essential part of motherhood. Jessica is the founder of Nourished by Nutrition, where she shares delicious healthy recipes, science-based nutrition information and lifestyle wellness.


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