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5 Creative Ways to Use Spilled Milk

5 Creative Ways to Use Spilled Milk

Jan 22, 2024

Spilling breastmilk (or forgetting milk as it expires) is like putting something important in your back pocket... reminding yourself it's probably not the best place for to keep it safe but thinking, "it’s just for a few minutes".

And then you forget about it, by the time you remember it's gone.

It happens, just like those lost back pocket keys or cash. So if it does, vent or take a breath, talk it easy on yourself, and you'll recover.

If there's enough spilt liquid to salvage by pouring or using a clean syringe to pick up, do.

Chrissy Tiegen shows us how:



If that doesn't work mama, or your breastmilk has expired (ah!), then try these 5 tips to keep using your liquid gold!


5 Ways to Use Spilled Breast Milk


1. Bath Wash Cloth

Soak or swipe a clean washcloth in the milk, put in a storage bag, and store it away! Use it that day in the baby's bath as the wash cloth, it's very good for the skin! Add milk to the bath water if there's more.


2. Boo-Boo Bars

Freezing old breastmilk and using it to soothe cuts and scrapes can help the skin restore itself and soothe your babe!


3. Diaper Rash + Eczema Relief

Studies have found breast milk is just as effective as hydrocortisone on diaper rash and eczema. Pat the milk on your baby's skin and let it dry before putting a diaper or clothes on.


4. Insect Bites + Sunburns

Add breastmilk to a spray bottle of water until it's cloudy. Mist it over sunburns and insect bites for itch / soothing relief.


5. Mother's Milk Soap

Grab a homemade melt and pour soap kit online and add breastmilk in as an ingredient to nourish the skin.


We can't wait to see how you used your spilled or expired breastmilk! Make sure to show us at @lovemajka on Instagram :)


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