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Caring for Your Hair Before and After Pregnancy

Caring for Your Hair Before and After Pregnancy

Sep 18, 2020

You may have heard rumors (or be experiencing!) that your hair can change a lot in pregnancy and postpartum. From straight to curly? Can pregnancy cause hair loss? Wasn’t it supposed to make your hair rich and beautiful? Can you prevent the dreaded hair loss after pregnancy? Though everyone will be different, there are a few ways you can give your locks some extra love in this season of life.


What Happens to Your Hair During Pregnancy? 

During pregnancy, women actually almost entirely stop losing hair resulting in thicker, sometimes luscious locks. So while pregnancy doesn’t speed up hair growth, it actually causes hair to stay in the growth phase longer. You’ll lose a lot less hair in pregnancy, making it seem like you have way more hair than normal (source). 

That said, some women experience hair loss during early pregnancy due to the rapid shift in hormones, called telogen effluvium, where hairs are shocked into the resting phase, where they will eventually fall out. While there is a range of normal, sometimes pregnancy and hair loss can signal an underlying health imbalance. Gestational diabetes or thyroid issues can be the root cause of hair loss. It’s always best to check with your healthcare provider if you have concerns about hair loss.


Is Hair Loss a Sign of Pregnancy?

No, and most likely by the time you notice your hair thinning, you’ll be well aware that you are pregnant!


Does Pregnancy Cause Oily Hair?

Elevated levels of progesterone can stimulate more oil to be excreted on your scalp, meaning that yes, your hair could be more greasy due to pregnancy. You may find it beneficial to switch up your hair care routine as your hair thickens through pregnancy. Washing daily can actually increase oil production so be mindful that over washing your hair won’t necessarily solve it. Perhaps this is where the luscious sheen comes from! 

Is Hair Dye Safe During Pregnancy?

Due to the chemicals in most hair dyes, some women choose not to color their hair for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, there is no need to be concerned about hair dye during pregnancy. Some chemicals can be absorbed into the skin and therefore into the bloodstream, but unless you are exposed to a huge amount of these chemicals it will not be harmful to the baby.


Is There Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye?

There are certainly more natural hair dyes that you may want to inquire about using while you’re pregnant. Highlights, or coloring that doesn’t sit on your scalp will drastically minimize the absorption. You can be extra cautious by ensuring you’re having your hair done in a well ventilated area, leave the dye on for the minimum required time and wear gloves if you’re applying the treatment yourself. 


Can You Do Hair Smoothening During Pregnancy? 

Again, because this is a chemical treatment it’s best if not done in the first trimester, or avoided until after pregnancy. Just like hair dye, there’s likely not enough exposure to be harmful and it’s important to always do what feels best for you and your baby. 


caring for your hair before and after pregnancy hair loss mom and baby


Caring for Hair During Pregnancy  

  1. Let nature do its thing. Chances are, you’ll most likely enjoy thicker, more manageable hair.
  2. Don’t over wash. Over washing your hair can cause it to be more greasy, faster. Try spacing out hair washes and after a week or two you’ll notice less greasy hair overall.
  3. As always, diet plays a huge part in healthy hair. Focusing on nutrient dense foods along with ample protein will not only help you feel better in pregnancy, but help your hair too.
  4. Be open to switching your hair routine. Play around with what works best for you as your hair changes.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy 

Postpartum hair loss is something that many women experience. Due to the drop in hormones, all of those hairs that were previously halted in the growth phase, will begin to fall out. Remember that since you had more hair during pregnancy, the hair loss may seem dramatic (and in some cases, it is) but rest assured that your hair will grow back over time. For more information on Postpartum Hair Loss, check out this article.


Caring for Hair Postpartum

One of the biggest factors in hair health is minerals and protein, especially collagen. 



Every cell in your body is made from protein, including hair! Have a source of protein each time you eat.

Collagen & Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C helps promote the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is a beauty superfood, helping hair, skin and nails have more vitality.

B Vitamins

B vitamins help with stress, which is also a proposed factor in postpartum hair loss.

Reduce Your Stress

Yes, we know that can be an immense task in new motherhood but even tiny changes will reap benefits with how you look and feel. Can you sit and breathe for 2 minutes a day? Have a friend drop off a healthy meal? Focus on what you can control.

Majka Hair Recovery for Postpartum Hair Loss

We know postpartum hair loss is one of the most common yet traumatic postpartum experiences for new moms. Majka Hair Recovery is the first supplement designed by experts specifically with the needs of postpartum moms in mind. It targets common nutritional deficiencies (like folate, vitamin D, Iron & B vitamins) that occur postpartum and that are often carried from pregnancy. It also contains adaptogens to support the stress response which can contribute to hair loss and it also has powerful herbs that nourish the blood and bring circulation to the hair follicles to feed and strengthen them. 

Benefits of Majka Hair Recovery:

  • Stronger and healthier hair
  • Improve hair condition and promotes length
  • Improved hair thickness
  • Less shedding and generates growth
  • All ingredients also help improve your skin and nails, an extra benefit!

We not only want you to be well nourished in motherhood on the inside but to feel confident and beautiful on the outside, too.


Motherhood is hard! Are you looking for more tips? Download our Ultimate Postpartum Hair Recovery Protocol to take info on the go here and check out Postpartum Hair Loss Questions Answered with Dr. Zen if you need more help with understanding the ins and outs of hair loss!



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