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The Lowdown on Measuring Your Nipples for Breast Pump Success

The Lowdown on Measuring Your Nipples for Breast Pump Success

Feb 20, 2024

Not pumping as much milk as you would like Mama? Let's talk about measuring your nipples and using the right flange size and how it can elevate your breast pumping experience to a whole new level.

The Hidden Key to Pumping Success:

In the world of breastfeeding, finding the perfect breast pump is like finding your favorite cozy sweater – snug, comforting, and tailor-made for you. However, what many moms don't realize is that the key to unlocking pumping success lies in a seemingly simple task: measuring your nipples to choose the correct flange size. 

Grab a ruler or measuring tape and measure the diameter of your nipple at the base (across the middle) in millimeters. Remember, don't include the areola in this measurement, and keep a minimum of 4mm (2mm on either side of the nipple) in mind when selecting your breast shield size.

How Can I Test My Breast Flange?

When it comes to breast pumps, it's crucial to understand that each one comes equipped with a breast flange, and this 'standard' size can vary across different brands.

Now, if the standard-sized flange that accompanies your pump doesn't quite feel right or if you're facing challenges during pumping, fear not! Most breast pump brands have a variety of additional flange sizes to ensure a comfortable and effective pumping experience with your existing pump.

Let's delve into a few questions to help you gauge whether you've got the correct breast flange size:

  • Are you experiencing discomfort while pumping?
  • Does your precious nipple find itself uncomfortably rubbing against the side of the flange?
  • Is there excess areola getting pulled into the flange?
  • Have you noticed any redness or whiteness?
  • Are you left with the feeling of unexpressed breast milk after a pumping session?


A good fit should involve a gentle rhythmic pulling during expressing, leaving your breast feeling comfortably empty and soft afterward. Remember, pumping breast milk should never, ever be painful.

If things are feeling a bit snug – your nipple rubbing or expressing causing discomfort – it might be an indicator that you need a larger-sized breast shield. On the flip side, if your nipple is getting too cozy and your breast tissue is being overly pulled into the shield, consider going down in size.

In the grand tapestry of motherhood, nipple measurement may seem like a small detail, but it holds the key to unlocking a world of comfort and efficiency in your pumping journey. So, here's to embracing the uncharted, celebrating your uniqueness, and choosing a breast pump that fits you like a glove – or, in this case, like the perfect breastfeeding accessory you never knew you needed.

Happy pumping, Majka mamas!🩷

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