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How Ester Regrew Her Hair After Postpartum Hair Loss

How Ester Regrew Her Hair After Postpartum Hair Loss

Jul 21, 2021

Postpartum hair loss is something that 60% of mamas face. And let’s be honest, it can be quite the confidence killer. But, things go deeper than that.... because postpartum hair loss is caused by common nutritional deficiencies, other things are at stake — your hair, skin, nails, and even stress and energy levels.

This is our interview with Ester!




Ester Hair Results After Postpartum Hair Loss


Tell us all about yourself!

I'm a 35 year old, first time mom. I'm almost 9 months postpartum. I live in Seattle and work in tech as a product manager. I really enjoy being active and riding bikes. I have two dogs (Chloe and Max).

I find comfort in data and research ways to be prepared. Since I have a demanding job, I need to be on my game at all times- both mentally and physically healthy.

When did you first start noticing hair loss?

I started noticing hair loss around 3.5 months post partum. A friend warned me about it and I didn't believe her at first. I became accustomed to seeing my hair strengthen and grow during pregnancy.

How did postpartum hair loss make you feel?

When my hair started falling out I felt a sense of despair. I know it's not a big deal, but it was part of my pre-pregnancy image. I felt like it was just another thing that was changing and a new reality I would have as a mom. It honestly made me a little sad.


Reduced shedding after 30 days of hair recovery

What made you decide to try Hair Recovery?

As a product manager, I love researching and learning. I did all I could to understand the steps I could take to prevent hair loss and to encourage regrowth ASAP.

I love Majka's products and all of the great resources on social media. While searching for solutions and information, I found the whitepaper on the Majka website and decided to give the product a try. I spoke to my doctor about it and was cleared to take the supplement while breastfeeding and the rest is history.


When did you start noticing a change?

I saw hairs growing back my second month of taking the supplement. I was still experiencing loss, however there was regrowth (yay!). Overall I felt GREAT and I made the supplement a part of my daily regimen. I also use the Majka Protein powder and lactation booster.


Ester showing baby hair growth


What is your Hair Care Routine with Hair Recovery?

When I started experiencing loss, I shifted my hair washing from every other day to every 3-4 days a week. I bought a nice shower cap. Initially I was doing coconut and ginger oil hair masks once a week that I would make. Now I use biotin/collagen shampoo and conditioner when I wash my hair every three days. I also do some scalp massage to help growth as well.

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Did Hair Recovery help you with your Postpartum Hair Loss?

Absolutely. I have friends who had a baby around the same time as me and they haven't taken the supplement. I notice a clear difference.


What would you tell another mama currently going through postpartum hair loss?

It's probably going to happen. It's science- your hormones are shifting and your estrogen production is changing. Be ready for it to happen, don't be scared, and do everything to prepare for regrowth.

In order to be a good mom, you need to make sure you're strong and healthy! Invest in your health and your body so that you can heal and be the best mom possible.


Ester holding her baby


What's a quote or affirmation that you love to share with other mamas?

YOU GOT THIS. You're a strong mom who made a baby. If you take care of yourself, you can make more hair!


We’re on a mission to address postpartum hair loss from the root! As a mom, you do it all, and you deserve to feel your best while you do it! That’s why here at Majka, we created Hair Recovery.

Hair Recovery gets to the root cause of hair loss, supporting it from within by filling nutritional gaps and supporting the stress response. In a study of over 100 moms, 80% experienced new growth within 60 days!


We love how Ester paired Hair Recovery with other healthy hair habits like masks, washing cycles, and biotin shampoo! Hear about other mamas’ stories and learn more about Hair Recovery by signing up for our email list.

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