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How to Manage Societal Pressures and Expectations as a New Mom

How to Manage Societal Pressures and Expectations as a New Mom

Jul 14, 2018

Google this: “Top 10 New Mom Tips”. The amount of information that comes up is abundant, to say the least! These articles are all coming from a good place – a place of service, one that could potentially be extremely helpful for all of you new mommies out there. And I’m sure you’ve googled several questions throughout your pregnancy and now in new mommy status.

But let’s look at the other end of the spectrum…the overload of information and opinions could have the opposite effect. All the information out there could on the other hand overwhelm you, feel stressful, and add to already-existing anxiety and pressure. Are you nodding your head yes, yet?

Now, the Google searches for info and opinions aren’t limited to babies. We are constantly looking for answers, guidance, and help, even when we aren’t aware of it. Questions we ask not only Google, but our friends, family, and acquaintances:

  • What should I do when___?
  • How should I do this?
  • What’s the right way to ___?
  • What do you think of ___?

Managing societal pressures and expectations as a new mom - Majka

Today, we have access to information that we have never had before. We have unlimited access into the suggestions of experts and doctors, we have visibility into the lives of people all around the world, and heck we even have visibility into the lives of celebrities (the gods and goddesses of our time!). Never has it been easier for us obtain new knowledge…and never has it been easier for us to compare ourselves to everyone else.  

Thing is, there are always going to be opinions, and tips, and tricks, and studies, and a million lives to look at and see who is doing it “right”. But, no one’s opinions, lives, tips or tricks outdo your intuition, your values, and your life.

I’d like to propose something…That instead of asking others what they think, you check in with yourself. What I’d like you to consider instead of the above, are these: 

  • What is my intuition telling me about this?
  • What feels right for me/my baby?
  • What is my heart saying right now?
  • What was my initial gut reaction to the situation?

Throughout the extremely vulnerable and beautiful process of raising your newborn (and any age child for that matter!), I want to empower you to believe that you know best. And to acknowledge and be grateful to everyone out there that has been helpful to you and your journey so far. Gratitude for your village, tribe, and whomever has helped offer you guidance online is important, no doubt. However, I’m going to circle it back to you and say, please believe that you know best. Final recipe: gratitude + self-trust + self-love.

Self love for new mamas - Majka

Self-love. Mommies, it is so important that you give yourself self-love and care just as you’re giving your babies. If Mommy isn’t taken care of, how is she going to take care of everyone else in her best way possible? You know that saying, “live your best life”? I see this saying as one that goes… “…because by your living your best life, you’re spreading that vibe and energy to others.” In whatever way Mommy leads her life energetically, that energy is spread to her children…energy is indeed contagious! Carving out some time for yourself, even if that’s just one hour a day, can mean everything. Checking in with yourself can look like this…

  • What would make me smile or laugh right now?
  • What can I do today with the little free-time I have for myself?

It's okay to take a break mama - Majka

Okay, pausing here. Because I know many of you may be thinking: “But I’m exhausted.”. So, if there is one thing that you can do for yourself for some self-love…it’s take a nap, and rest. But, without the guilt. I know about Mom guilt, I’ll save that for another post! ;)

If there is anything you take away from this post, even if you’re just scrolling to the end right now because you didn’t have the time to read it all there’s two things:

  1. Listen to yourself and do what you feel is best for you and your baby.
  2. Make time for some self-love and self-care.

Sending you so much love and light on your journey, thank you for reading!

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AntoinetteAntoinette's mission is to help mold the world into a more conscious, compassionate and harmonious place one person at a time. Her approach to coaching is firmly grounded on the incredible power of love. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, IPEC., ELI- MP., and 200-hr RYT, Antoinette celebrates love as the ultimate vehicle for support and growth, embracing it as the ideal way to gently guide others toward living their most optimal, fulfilled lives. Intuitive and insightful, Antoinette has a keen ability to read energy, which allows her to open up and honor each client’s personal values and desires, working heart-first to help them take the reigns of their full potential. She has worked with new mom's, experienced moms, entrepreneurs, and single ladies. The sky's the limit for her - as each person has their own unique gifts, stories, and challenges. Antoinette works with her clients to build self-trust, self-love, confidence and the introspection needed to heal or transform not only old belief systems but also thoughts and behaviors. All of this work ultimately raises the energy/vibration of each client, so that the world works for them not against them!

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