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Majka Guide to a Healthy Breast Milk Supply

Majka Guide to a Healthy Breast Milk Supply

Jul 23, 2019

Bringing your baby home for the first time is an extremely special moment. You’re likely filled with many emotions, including pride in your accomplishment of giving birth, love and appreciation for the baby you created, and possibly the overwhelming questions of: what do I do now? how do I provide for my little one? Is my milk supply the best it can be?

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At Majka, we love to empower new moms with information they need to feel confident that you’re properly nourishing your baby. So, we partnered with a lactation consultant, doula, and holistic nutritionist to create the Majka Guide to a Healthy Milk Supply.


Majka Guide to a Healthy Milk Supply

Our Majka Guide to a Healthy Milk Supply will provide you with bite-sized bits of important lactation information that you can apply to your life in just a few minutes every day. Here are some key questions that we answer in the guide:

How can you evaluate your milk supply?

Knowing whether you have enough, too much, or just the right amount of milk for your baby can be stressful. As easy as it is to worry about every ounce of milk you do or don’t make each day, try to relax — chances are, your body is making the perfect amount of milk for your baby.

By staying in tune with your baby’s behaviors — as we detail in the guide — you’ll gain a confident understanding of your supply.

And, keep in mind, a good latch is key for establishing your supply and your baby’s feeding routine.

What can I eat to increase the quality of my milk?

Your body will sacrifice its own nutrients in order to create quality milk for your baby. Therefore, it’s extremely important to fuel your body — both for yourself and for your milk quality. And, what you eat while breastfeeding has a direct impact on the nutrition of your milk. Be sure to eat enough, and fill your diet with these key nutrients:

  • Protein with every meal (whether it's vegan, vegetarian, or meat)
  • Calcium (our guide has non-dairy options!)
  • Healthy fats

Superfoods are also a great way to pack a big nutrient punch into your meal plan. In our Majka Guide to a Healthy Milk Supply, we include seven recipes that are simple and superfood-packed for you to try at home to support lactation!

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If you’re wondering — How can I increase my milk supply? What are the top tips to keep in mind for successful breastfeeding? — download our guide.

Download the Majka Guide to a Healthy Milk Supply Today!

Always remember to trust your body and your baby above all else. YOU grew a little human, without instruction, for almost 10 months. That wisdom hasn’t left you. You got this mama!


For an extra lactation boost, check out Majka Nourishing Lactation Products. Our Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder, Lactation Booster, and Lactation Bites all feature hand-selected each ingredient in order to provide optimal, whole-food-based nutrition. Majka products are non-GMO, free of unnecessary ingredients, and always of the highest quality. You can feel great while treating your body to the delicious and nutritious foods it needs to support your milk supply.

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