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Nourishing Lactation Toast

Nourishing Lactation Toast

May 02, 2019

Hey mama. How are you? When is the last time you checked in with yourself? Sometimes we need reminders to see how we’re feeling, because as moms, we tend to focus on the needs of our babies and families before we even think about ourselves.

That’s about to change. You deserve to feel your best too! That’s why we created the Majka Nourishing Lactation Booster. This powder can be conveniently added to your favorite smoothies, snacks, and meals.

Nourishing lactation toast to increase your milk supply - Majka


Need a lactation boost?

Our Nourishing lactation booster contains milk-producing galactagogues that will help increase your supply.

Want to feel better?

As new moms, our bodies have gone through a lot. Stress, lack of sleep, and environmental stressors can all cause inflammation in a mom’s body. That’s why we added an antioxidant blend to our Nourishing Lactation Booster. Antioxidants may help reduce the body’s inflammatory response, plus they provide you with energizing nutrients.

You can have it all with our simple Lactation Toast! With just two ingredients, you’ll create a delicious breakfast or a nutritious snack. Let’s get into it...


Lactation toast for breastfeeding moms - Majka


Nourishing Lactation Toast




  • Combine ingredients in a bowl
  • Spread on top of your favorite toast
  • Serve and enjoy!


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Whether you choose almond, cashew, peanut, or sunflower butter, you’re going to love this Lactation Toast. Make this your go-to meal, so you can start every day with a full plate of nutrients.


Almond butter with lactation toast for breastfeeding moms - Majka


For a more filling meal, add sliced banana or fresh papaya on top of your Lactation Toast. You can also sprinkle with hemp or chia seeds for extra fiber and drizzle with honey for a sweet taste.

Be sure to take photos of your toast creations and tag us, we’d love to see how you made your Lactation Toast @lovemajka #lovemajka #fuelingmotherhood

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