Alyssa review

I absolutely love these! My supply increases about .5 oz to 1oz after, and I eat them every single morning!

Alyssa Verified Buyer

The Breast Lactation Oats Money Can Buy!

Milk supporting, adaptogenic, nutrient dense, delicious and convenient breakfast or snack.

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Lucy B. review

I read the reviews before buying this product and I can honestly say I am beyond glad I decided to order. The taste is very subtle when blended with fruits and veggies. Definitely noticed an increase in lactation.

Lucy B. Verified Buyer

Milk Your Milk for All It's Worth

Designed to help increase and enrich your milk supply while also fighting postnatal depletion, our Lactation Protein Powder will make you feel good.

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NEELAM U review

I have noticed that even when I drink a lot of water I don't pump much, with the Hydration Booster I saw an immediate effect on my supply!

NEELAM U Verified Buyer

It's not up for debate, HYDRATE!

Complete and balanced electrolyte formula to help promote optimal hydration, especially for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Supports your energy and milk supply.

Jonquelle C. review

Every time I drink it, I dose off like a baby. Sleep is great! No muscle cramps, definitely increased energy!

Jonquelle C. Verified Buyer

Sleep Well and Replenish Mama

Majka’s Digest & De-Stress is a blend of 3 bioavailable magnesiums and digestive enzymes designed to replenish your magnesium levels and help you relax and unwind while supporting digestive regularity.

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Katherine D review

I’ve noticed a boost in my milk supply, and the chocolate bites are SO delicious I could eat them all day! So it’s a win win in my book.

Katherine D Verified Buyer

The Breast Lactation Bites Money Can Buy

Delicious and nutrient-dense, our no-bake Lactation Bites are designed to help increase and enrich your milk supply, while also fueling your body.

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Real feedback from Majka customers.

"clean ingredients"

I love how LoveMajka is full of clean ingredients and have amazing flavors. The quality of the products and that they actually give results!

Verified Buyer

"quick results"

I bought this about 10 days ago, and went from pumping 15 ml total to almost 2 oz. and gaining!

Verified Buyer

"so tasty"

As I'm prepping to go back to work, I'm so thankful that I've been able to start increasing my reserve. I have recommended these bites to all my friends struggling with milk supply. I absolutely love the chocolate flavor. I am able to satisfy my sweet tooth and know it's all great ingredients.

Verified Buyer

"benefits beyond compare"

This lactation supplement provides me with the confidence and support to know that my child and myself are receiving all the NATURAL nutrients we need! The taste is amazing, the benefits are beyond, and the results are beyond compare.

Verified Buyer

Backed By Science

– Dr. Oscar Serrallach

"It is so great to see a well formulated lactation supplement that really focuses on the wellbeing of the mother and helps address many of the depleting factors of motherhood. Simple, safe, and effective."

Dr. Oscar Serrallach

– Amey Fields, RN, IBCLC, Founder of AZ Breastfed Babies

"As a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant I know that we cannot forget the mother. Majka products are what I recommend because they provide the nutrients to support healing and help new moms thrive in the postpartum period."

Amey Fields , RN, IBCLC, Founder of AZ Breastfed Babies

– Paula Mallis, Founder of WMN Space

"Majka's Lactation Bites are not only are packed with clean ingredients, but I quickly noticed an increase in my milk supply soon after incorporating the products into my morning routine. I recommend Majka to all new moms to fuel postpartum period and beyond."

Paula Mallis , Founder of WMN Space

– Jessica Bippen, MS, Registered Dietitian

"Majka takes the guesswork out of choosing the right nutrients, herbs, and supplements that will support a mom’s postpartum journey. It’s an all-in-one formula to help new mom’s optimize their health."

Jessica Bippen , MS, Registered Dietitian


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