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Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites To Increase Milk Supply

Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites To Increase Milk Supply

Jun 05, 2019

I think we could all agree, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. But, sometimes it’s difficult to find sweet, chocolatey treats that are healthy. That’s why we created the Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites.


Chocolate lactation bites for breastfeeding moms - Majka


At Majka, we believe that moms should fuel their bodies, so you can feel your best. These bites are guilt-free. They are made with our special Chocolate Nourishing Lactation Powder, which provides the chocolate-y flavor and a heap of nutritional perks.

In fact, we’ve reformulated our original powder to create the Chocolate Nourishing Lactation Powder. This improved recipe is tastier than ever. And, it boasts extra benefits, including:

  • Bioavailable vitamins
  • Pre- and probiotics
  • Protein
  • Enzymes
  • Greens blend

To get a taste of this decadent chocolate flavor — and all the postpartum health benefits — try making the Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites. Here’s the recipe...

Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites Recipe




  • Combine ingredients in food processor
  • Blend together until well combined
  • If the mixture is dry, add a small amount of nut milk
  • Once combined, roll mixture into bite-size balls
  • Roll bites in either coconut or cocoa powder
  • Refrigerate and enjoy for up to five days!


Pack these bites for a midday snack, eat them for dessert, or even enjoy them as part of your breakfast! We promise, these bites are going to become a staple recipe in your kitchen. We can’t get enough of them!


Easy and healthy chocolate lactation bites for moms - Majka


If you don't have the time to make your own lactation cookies make sure to try our delicious Chocolate Lactation Bites to nourish and increase your supply. 

do lactation cookies work

Let us know what you think of the Chocolate No-Bake Lactation Bites in the comments below. We’d love to see how you enjoyed them! Tag us in your photos @lovemajka #lovemajka #fuelingmotherhood
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