Give your milk and energy levels a boost with the Lactation & Hydration Booster bundle. Together, these two products are a powerful and healthy way to give your supply a boost and your body optimal hydration!

The first thing I noticed was I felt better and produced more milk, the second thing I noticed was that the days I drank it, I overall drank more water that day.

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A super boost is here with the Lactation & Hydration Boosters Bundle.

This bundle is the best way to enrich your milk supply and restore your body’s hydration levels.

With our Lactation Booster, enjoy the best certified organic lactation supplement on the market. It provides galactagogues and strong antioxidants to not only nourish your supply, but also prevent swollen tissue and clogged ducts.

Hydration Booster is an innovative formula that combines essential electrolytes, L-carnitine, and trace minerals to give your body the hydration that it needs. When you're properly hydrated, your energy, brain, cramps, headaches, and milk all benefit.

A win-win combo of milk and energy-supporting boosters. The perfect way to give yourself a boost or treat that mama in your life to something special!

This bundle includes:

  • 2 Lactation Boosters
  • 2 Hydration Boosters

We recommend enjoying the Lactation Booster in your favorite latte or smoothie, and adding the Hydration Booster to water!

For best results, we recommend enjoying 1 serving of each daily.

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Have FUN incorporating your Majka products in a way that works best for you. Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate them all into your daily routine:

Morning or Afternoon: Milk Booster Latte made with Lactation Booster for extra milk supply boost, inflammation support (helps support healthy milk ducts), antioxidant support + protection.

Anytime: Add one or more servings of the Hydration Booster to your water to make sure you support your energy and supply.

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