Experiencing brain fog, low energy, high-stress levels, or irregular digestion Mama? Your magnesium levels and hydration could be to blame. Restore and replenish in both areas with our Hydration Booster and Digest & De-Stress bundle!

"Amazing ingredients! I noticed a huge difference in my sleep and energy, these have become part of my daily routine"

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The bundle that nips fatigue, stress, brain fog, headaches, and more before they begin.*

Did you know that most mamas are deficient in magnesium? When that’s the case, symptoms like headaches, brain fog, and fatigue sneak in. Pair that with poor hydration, and you’re likely to experience cramps, a low milk supply, and more.

We created this bundle for mamas who want to restore their hydration and magnesium levels. Digest & De-Stress provides bioavailable magnesium that’s actually absorbed, and Hydration Booster provides electrolytes that help carry water throughout the body.

This bundle is a great way to cover your bases in both areas so that your body (and your baby) can benefit from a well rested, hydrated, energized mama that feels her best.*

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Hydration Booster
  • 1 Digest & De-Stress

We recommend enjoying both supplements individually with water at least 1 time per day.

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