If you are looking to meet your breastfeeding goals and feel your best, these two best-selling lactation SUPERHEROES are all you need! They are formulated to work together to support and enrich your milk supply while also fighting postnatal nutritional depletion, and give you the energy you need.

Aside from my increased milk supply, my energy level has also gone up, which I desperately need with a 3 year old and 3 month old. I will definitely continue to order both the protein and chai booster.

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If you’re looking for lactation supplements that are packed with breastfeeding nutrients you’ve come to the right place.Boost your milk supply and fight postnatal depletion by replenishing your body with the nutrients it needs with our Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder and Organic Lactation Booster.

This bundle includes:

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For best results, we recommend enjoying the products daily. Consistency is key for good results. Mama remember that breastfeeding success is not just about how much milk your produce but also how YOU feel!


Enjoy incorporating your Majka products in a way that works best for you. Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate them all into your daily routine:

Breakfast: Nourishing Lactation PowdeWhat better way to start your day than with a hydrating and vitamin + mineral rich smoothie! The perfect meal for energy support throughout the day(Activated B Vitamins + Minerals), a boost in milk production, less cravings, and better mood.

Morning or mid day latte: Milk Booster Latte made with Lactation Booster for extra milk supply boost, inflammation support (helps support healthy milk ducts), antioxidant support + protection. You can also add organic cacao powder for a delicious booster hot chocolate!

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